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Target Business

The types of businesses and industry to be targeted for recruitment as partners or requesting space in our incubators include:

  • Wireless and Information Technology, e.g., software, network technologies, communications and devices technologies, database, infrastructure and systems technologies, computer visualization and cybersecurity technologies, and medical technologies;
  • Advanced Energy: Smart Grid information technologies, advanced materials and electronic technology products for energy storage, energy harvesting, energy efficiency and conservation, and alternative and renewable sources;
  • Advanced Materials;
  • Integrated Electric Energy Systems enhancing the development and integration of cutting-edge technologies into electric energy systems
  • Electronics, micro-, opto- and nano-electronics and sensor technologies;
  • Engineering and Remanufacturing Technologies;
  • Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP);
  • Process Technologies, including materials and food processing, testing and analysis;
  • Biotechnology, e.g., diagnostics, therapeutics, biologics, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, and biomedical devices and instrumentation;
  • Strategic Partnership for Industrial Resurgence sponsoring industrial internships in software & IT, electronics, microprocessor design, medical devices and instrumentation, mechanical design, rapid prototyping, financial engineering, materials development and evaluation, and biomedical engineering
  • Corporate Education and Training, a professional education and training group, partnering to offer corporate development as Credit, Non-Credit, Graduate Certificate Programs, Workshops, Seminars, Customized Professional Development and Distance Learning Programs;  all offered at the Center on campus or on site at your company.
  • Operational Excellence as a systematic way of continuously improving your organization by focusing on customer needs, empowering employees, and increasing value by improving quality, obtaining higher yields and faster throughput, and eliminating waste.
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