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Business Support

Incubators and small start-up growth is nurtured through the many programs offered at Stony Brook University Centers and Incubator facilities.   Support resources, entrepreneurial programs, start-up focused speakers, neighboring mentors, and idea-to-product workshops all lend to an atmosphere to lead toward success. Please contact any of our Economic Development Centers for assistance or contact CEBIP or SBDC for more specific information.


The Clean Energy Business Incubator Program (CEBIP) provides assistance and resources for developers of disruptive renewable and clean energy technologies.


The SBDC at Stony Brook brings together the resources of the University, the private sector and government at all levels to assist entrepreneurs, business and industry in the solution of their problems, leading to increased productivity and profitability. 

"ThermoLift's success wouldn't be possible without its close ties to the SBU community, specifically Yacov Shamash, David Hamilton, Jim Smith, and Prof. Jon Longtin, among other members who have provided continuous support and strategic direction in product and company development. Yacov’s unique business and engineering perspective has been essential. The AERTC  as our corporate HQ provides us with direct contact and exposure to high-profile individuals who pass through the facility frequently. Jim Smith’s endless knowledge in energy and engineering development provides key mentorship evident in his participation as an inventor on one of ThermoLift's patent applications. The Clean Energy Business Incubator Program has provided assistance in preparing for and locating funding opportunities. All of these assets has helped direct ThermoLift on its pathway to success."                                                                                                                                                                               ~ Paul Schwartz, Chief Executive Officer,  ThermoLift


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