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Protect and Commercialize Your Invention


The Stony Brook University Intellectual Property Partners (IPP) will help you to protect your invention and promote it into market. One of the major goals of IPP is to make the process of disclosing, patenting, and commercializing of inventions as easy, clear, and transparent as possible. As a part of its mission, IPP built a dedicated, skilled, and engaged team to support faculty, entrepreneurs, and industry partners through all aspects of inception, invention, entrepreneurship, licensing, and commercialization. 

By fostering the successful commercialization of cutting edge discoveries into new products and services, IPP enhances well-being, returns economic benefit to the university community, and  strengthens the long-term vitality of our innovation ecosystem.

Contact IPP if you would like to learn more about patent disclosures, licence agreements, technology commercialization and more.

Visit the IPP website for more information.