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Dr. Reed E. Philips  

Founder & CEO, Energystics

BS in Physics, SUNY Stony Brook, 1969;  MD Degree, Downstate Medical Center, 1973; Internship and Residency, Long Island Jewish Hospital, 1973 - 1976; Fellowship Medical Oncology, Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, 1976 – 1978; Chief of Oncology, LaGuardia Hospital, 1978-1979; Private Practice, Medical Oncology, City of Glen Cove, 1979-1997; Medical Director, Hospice Care Network, 1997 -2007; Consultant, Palliative Care and Hospice Medicine, 2007 to the present; Director of Palliative Care, Glen Cove Community Hospital, 2012 – 2017; Founder, and CEO, Energystics, Ltd. 2012 to the present; Co-founder of Redjack, LLC 2018 to the present; Research Areas: 1) Development of Permanent Magnet Arrays and Linear Electric Generators to harvest mechanical energy from environmental sources of vibrational energy, especially Ocean Wave Energy Converters 9 patents granted; 2) Research into why carbon anodes disintegrate during electrolysis of water – 1 patent granted; 3) Development of coatings and paints that inhibit barnacle and mussel growth on marine structures – 2 patents pending.


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