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AI for Business Optimization

 Increase Operational Efficiency, Gain Analytics-based Insights, Improve Real-Time Customer Experience


As new platforms and applications of artificial intelligence become available, businesses must adapt to both harness their advanced capabilities and keep pace with competitors. From marketing, to sales, to customer experience, generative large language models offer users the ability to utilize personalized and conversational messaging when communicating with existing and potential customers. According to Forbes, as AI tools are successfully utilized for supply chain management, lead generation, and talent sourcing, 97% of surveyed businesses expressed positivity that this technology will help their business.

In tandem, AI is not without its concerns. Increased misinformation campaigns, inaccurate data, biases, and cybersecurity risks have given pause to those in the business community with general distrust of artificial intelligence and concern over potential asset loss.

The AI for Business Optimization webinar, June 15th 1-2:30PM will provide expert-led guidance and an open forum for surveying the accelerating AI landscape. This panel discussion, comprised of industry representatives focused on customer experience, workforce development, media, and operations, will focus on:

  • How are businesses using AI to increase efficiency, while maintaining a workforce?
  • What verification protocols should be implemented for generative language content and data sourcing?
  • Which platform can best help my business with sales, marketing, and customer experience?
  • Who within my business should be trained in AI?
  • Is there a particular use-case in AI that you are utilizing to improve workforce development, training, and retention?
  • What are the most imminent opportunities and threats of AI to small, medium, and large businesses?

After the panel, a Q&A session will allow attendees to interact with speakers and major themes and outputs will be consolidated to help create an in-person event later this Summer.

We hope to see you in June!

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