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For Supervisors

Supervisors may request a brief EAP orientation for their departments. Please call 632-6085 to schedule an orientation, or to request that EAP promotional materials be sent to you.

Management Consultation

Supervisory referrals

Without performance problems: Employees may be encouraged by a supervisor, union representative, human resource/labor relations representative, or another service to contact EAP for assistance due to personal or job performance issues, before the situation requires formal disciplinary action. This is known as an informal referral. The decision to keep an appointment with EAP and accept a referral rests entirely with the employee. If it is helpful for information to be shared with another party, the employee can provide EAP with written authorization. Without written authorization no information will be released by the EAP.

With performance problems: A formal referral is made when a supervisor identifies, documents and discusses with an employee specific behavioral or job performance problems, and makes a recommendation that the employee contact EAP. The supervisor is not expected to act in the role of confidant, counselor or diagnostician. The supervisor should offer EAP assistance where appropriate, as a confidential, information, assessment, and referral service is recommended.

Information and consultation: Supervisors are welcome to contact EAP to discuss workplace issues; such as workplace stress, interpersonal conflict, communication skills, team building and substance abuse.

EAP Supervisory Training

As a supervisor you are in a key position to recognize when your employees may be having difficulties that may impact their job performance. Before problems get out of hand, you can offer the confidential services of the Employee Assistance Program. Detailed information will be given regarding the process of management consultation and the most appropriate and effective way of referring any employee to EAP for assistance with personal and/or job related problems. This workshop is designed to help supervisors learn how to skillfully and compassionately approach an employee and offer assistance.

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