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Appeals Process

Students in the College of Arts and Sciences, School of Journalism, and School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences have the opportunity to make an exception request and/or appeal to the Interim Assistant Provost for Academic Success.

For details on required documentation to include with specific types of requests, please review Types of Appeals.  Please submit all requests via e-mail to When submitting your request and/or appeal, please utilize a Stony Brook e-mail address, and include your name, Stony Brook ID Number, phone number, and preferred mailing address in your communication.

You will receive an e-mail confirmation of the request, and should expect to receive an answer within seven (7) business days, unless more information is needed to make an informed decision.  If an appointment is needed to further discuss your request, you will receive a follow-up e-mail to schedule an appointment.  Appointments may only be scheduled after written requests are reviewed. 

For more information about academic appeals, please call 631-632-7081 or email