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The Future GPA calculator

The Future GPA calculator can be used to predict the GPA of current and future semesters by entering the predictive GPA of the entire semester.

Download the Future GPA calculator.

How to use the Future GPA calculator

The Future GPA Calculator is more complicated and needs extra attention.
It can be used to predict how a future semester(s) GPA can affect your cumulative GPA.
Use a copy of your transcript in order to plug in the correct numbers.  
The top box will direct you to input the following:
Enter TOTAL earned credits.
Enter repeated credits NOT earned.
Enter TOTAL credits of F, I/F, and N/F grades.
Enter TOTAL credits of P and S grades.
Enter TOTAL transfer and test (AP, CLEP, CPE) credits.
TOTAL earned credits
This number is listed at the bottom of the last semester’s data as “Cum Units Earned:” 
Repeated credits NOT earned
This category is only relevant if you have repeated a class and have received a grade above an F in each case.
If one of the grades is an F, P, or S, this category will not apply.
The purpose of this category is to ensure that credits for the same class count only once. For instance,if you repeat a class
or its equivalent and receive a D the first time and an A the second time, you earn credit only once.
The transcript would indicate under the first time you took it:
“Repeated     : In GPA, No Credit Earned”
Some courses are “repeatable” for credit, for example internships and TA credits; these would also not be counted here.
TOTAL credits of F, I/F, and N/F grades
Each F, I/F and N/F must be accounted for here.
An I/F or N/F grade reflect that the grade adjustment period has expired and are calculated as an F.
TOTAL credits of P and S grades
Include each P and S grade here as these grades do not effect your GPA.
TOTAL transfer and test (AP, CLEP, CPE) credits
These credits are listed at the beginning of your transcript prior to the data relating to the first semester at Stony Brook.
Add the total number of credits.
Press TAB and the total credits that will be counted in your GPA will be displayed.
0 Total GPA credits*  
The next section asks for three final pieces of information:

II. Calculating your cumulative GPA  
  A B C
  Current GPA credits: Current quality points:  
Enter current cum. G.P.A
0 0
  Anticipated credits: Future quality points:  
Enter anticipated G.P.A
Enter anticipated G.P.A
0 0
  Overall credits: Total quality points:  
3 0    0
Anticipated GPA:
You need to type in:
Current cumulative GPA (found at the bottom of your last semester here)
Anticipated credits
If you want to see how anticipated credits for the current semester impact your cumulative GPA input this semester’s anticipated number of credits (you can also add several future semesters together).
Anticipated GPA (current semester)
You can calculate your anticipated current semester’s GPA using our Current GPA Calculator.

Finally, press TAB to see your cumulative anticipated GPA in the orange box at the bottom.
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