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The Current GPA calculator

The Current GPA calculator can be used to predict the GPA of the current semester by entering the predictive GPA of each individual course. (This is the recommended calculator since it is easier to use than the Future GPA calculator.)

Download the Current GPA calculator.

How to use the Current GPA calculator

The Current GPA Calculator can be used to predict the GPA of the current semester.Simply insert the number of credits for each letter grade you expect to receive.

Remember: P’s, NC’s, S’s, U’s, and W’s are not factored into the GPA. I’s, and NR’s do not factor into a GPA either, but will once the grade is changed by the instructor (for an incomplete) or the system changes the grade to I/F or N/F, which will factor into the GPA as an F.
The calculator from the Advising Center’s website computes the math automatically. Just fill in the number of credits for each grade and press TAB.
CHE 131  (4 credits)   Anticipated Grade: A
MAT 125   (3 credits) Anticipated Grade: C
PHI 103   (3 credits) Anticipated Grade: B+
THR 105   (3 credits) Anticipated Grade: B-
POL 102   (3 credits) Anticipated Grade: C 
Step 1: Enter in Column A the # of credits that you earned with each grade, then multiply Column A by the grade's numerical equivalent in Column B. Enter results in Column C. Total Credits Number Equiv. Quality Points per Grade
A 4 4.00 16
A- 0 3.67 0
B+ 3 3.33 9.99
B 0 3.00 0
B- 3 2.67 8.01
C+ 0 2.33 0
C 6 2.00 12
C- 0 1.67 0
D+ 0 1.33 0
D 0 1.00 0
F 0 0.00 0
STEP 2: Add Column A to get total credits of letter grades and Column C to get total quality points. 16   46
STEP 3: Divide Column C by Column A, The answer is you G.P.A for the grades entered on this page. 2.88
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