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Chancellor's Award for Student Excellence - SUNY

This award is given annually to a select number of graduating seniors who have demonstrated and been recognized for the integration of academic excellence with accomplishments in the areas of leadership, campus involvement, community service, creative and performing arts, athletics, and/or career achievement.

Eligibility. Stony Brook undergraduates graduating between June 2017 and May 2018 who have received recognition for outstanding achievement AND have a GPA of 3.5 or higher are encouraged to complete the online nomination/application form (see below), and to submit a current CV/resume to Karen Kernan, Campus Representative, for consideration of campus nomination/endorsement. Note: Reference letters are not required.  Students can self nominate.

Campus nomination & SUNY selection process. The student's nomination materials (i.e. the completed online application plus a CV/resume) will be forwarded to the internal campus nomination selection committee which can recommend up to 15 students for consideration for the SUNY award. All applicants/nominees will be notified by the end of January as to whether they have been recommended as a candidate for this SUNY award. If recommended as a campus nominee/finalist for the SUNY award, the nominee's application materials will then be forwarded to Albany for consideration. The Stony Brook-recommended nominees will be notified directly by SUNY of their award status by the end of February, and if selected by SUNY as a recipient of the Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence will be officially recognized at a ceremony in Albany on April 10, 2018. 

Application instructions.
 Please note that in completing the online application, students are asked to provide descriptions/summaries of their awards, honors, accomplishments and/or achievement in up to 8 categories, including: Academic Excellence, Leadership, Campus Involvement, Community Service, Arts, Athletics, Career Achievement, Other. Only the Arts /Athletics/Other categories may be left blank. 

Students completing the nomination/application form should be prepared to write in the third person and to detail accomplishments in these areas, including specifics such as the name of any awards previously received, the organization(s) sponsoring the award/recognition, leadership positions held, and dates.  A student may list and/or describe as many recognitions/honors as space permits in any one category but should avoid duplicating entries in multiple categories. In some cases, there may be multiple categories available to detail a particular activity or accomplishment and the applicant/nominee must choose the best category among several valid options. (For example, an applicant who served as an officer of a club or an honor society could potentially describe relevant accomplishments in either the Leadership or the Campus Involvement category, but not both. If that same applicant spent the majority of time volunteering and organizing food drives, then Community Service might be the best category for detailing this activity).  Please note that awards/achievements/honors from another college or high school should not be included as part of the application/nomination.

 If you have questions as to how to complete the form, please do not hesitate to contact Karen Kernan, Campus Representative.

Application Form: 

Nomination Package includes: Online form  + a current CV or resume (to be submitted by email to, or to N3071 Melville Library)

Campus Deadline.  December 22, 2017

Contact: Karen Kernan, URECA. Tel: 631.632.7114. Email:

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