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Combined BA/MAT Program: English


Stony Brook offers a number of combined undergraduate/graduate degree programs through collaborations between the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Professional Development (SPD), and the Graduate School. These programs allow current Stony Brook undergraduate students with special talent and motivation to earn a Master of Arts in Teaching degree in less time and at less expense than if they enrolled in two separate programs.

Five-year bachelor’s/master’s programs are available in several academic departments. Some are joint programs between two departments or colleges. Students are allowed to take a specified number of graduate credits that will count towards both their undergraduate and graduate requirements; subsequently reducing the total time for completion of the master’s degree.

The approved maximum number of shared credit allotment in the combined program in English is twelve.

The University allows undergraduate students enrolled in an accelerated program to use a maximum of 15 graduate credits toward the undergraduate portion of the accelerated degree. However, the approved maximum credit allowance varies by program. Consult the program director for more information.

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