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Excellence, Diversity & Inclusion: Making the University & World Work Better for All

A diversity of people and ideas, together with a climate that fosters the inclusion of that diversity in shaping the very fabric of what we do, is essential for excellence in research, learning and teaching, and service to our community, nation and world. Stony Brook University has come a long way in enhancing diversity, as evidenced by the "Portal to Diversity Programs" and the many other important efforts throughout our University. Our work is not done—and never will be finished! With a clear recognition of both the influence of the past on present conditions and the challenges ahead, we, like other universities, must nurture diverse talents across such areas as natural sciences and engineering, social sciences, humanities, and business. We must be vigilant in recognizing potential, in creating a community of scholars, and in developing leaders that will use holistic approaches to address problems and issues.

Stony Brook University has been very successful in creating communities, aided by substantial peer learning and social support, to enhance the success of underrepresented groups. Within the next five years, our University will build on these successes to address several areas:

  1. broaden participation in undergraduate and graduate programs, with special attention to understanding the factors that support or hinder student success in selected disciplines,
  2. grow the participation of underrepresented groups among the faculty and professional staff,
  3. enhance the campus climate so that current members and future members excel. To achieve our aims, our University will expand its scholarship in diversity and inclusion, use its lessons learned from over three decades of diversity work, and continue to explore promising national models.
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