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Advisory Group

Dave Ferguson, co-chair (Provost's Office)
Charlie Robbins, co-chair (Provost's Office)

Lynda Perdomo Ayala (Pharmacology)
Judith Burke Berhannan (Admissions)
David Bynum (Center for Science and Mathematics Education, CESAME)
Cheryl Chambers (Multicultural Affairs)
Cheryl Hamilton (Educational Opportunity Program - Advancement on Individual Merit, EOP/AIM)
Richard Gatteau (Academic Advising)
Roy Lacey (Chemistry)
Marjolie Leonard (Title IX, Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity)
Nina Maung (Center for Inclusive Education, The Graduate School)
Rodney Morrison (Enrollment and Retention Management, Provost's Office)
Wendy Tang (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Matt Whelan (Enrollment and Retention Management)

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