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Wellness Initiatives

Eat Well Program

Our Eat Well Program is our campus wide initiative that provides students with recipes that incorporate whole, naturally flavorful and nutritious foods prepared with healthful cooking methods. These dishes also meet strict nutritional parameters, taking USDA guidelines into account – while never sacrificing taste or our “food first” philosophy.

Eat Well entreés contain:

  • Less than or equal to 400 total calories
  • Less than 20g of total fat
  • Less than 5g of saturated fat and natural trans fat combined
  • Less than 600mg of sodium per serving

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Icon Menu System

eat well icon vegetarian icon vegan icon  

(Eat Well, Vegetarian, Vegan) are displayed throughout the menus which denotes foods with particular nutritional qualities. This system identifies certain food items that can help students navigate through the dining locations.

Make the Most of Your Salad Bar Program

Our “Make the Most of Your Salad” program was designed to enhance guests’ salad bar experience and provide education on how to create salads that reap the most benefits. Through the use of green, yellow and red colored-tongs, guests are able to make selections based on what is most beneficial and nutritious.

  • Green:  Use these ingredients often as they are typically nutrient dense fruits and vegetables
  • Yellow:  These ingredients pack on protein, healthy fats and other good stuff, so enjoy them…in moderation.
  • Red:  Add just a bit for flavor and color, as these are usually high in calories, sodium, and unhealthy fats.  

Build a Better Sandwich Program

The “Build a Better Sandwich Program” is a guide to help guests compile a sandwich that both fulfilling and nutritious. Sandwiches are helpful in getting dietary fiber, essential b-vitamins and protein.

Build a better sandwich.  Choose whole grain breads and lean proteins like chicken or turkey. Then top with veggies to maximize flavor, nutrition and crunch!

1) Start with a Base of whole grains or greens
2) Go lean with protein
3)  Fill with veggies
4)Use spreads lightly

OASIS Program

OASIS is a unique food station that is intended to provide menu options that are prepared without peanuts, tree nuts, fish, crustacean shellfish, eggs, milk, soy, wheat or gluten. Our culinary team is dedicated to offering minimally processed, fresh meals made from single-source ingredients without hidden additives or seasonings. The daily offerings of lean proteins, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and healthy snack options are exquisitely prepared to appeal to all guests.

All food preparation for the OASIS menu is done within the station area dedicated to OASIS. Dedicated kitchenware, from the serving tongs to the sauté pans, is used only within OASIS while all pre-service food preparation is done on dedicated equipment and stored in special containers maintained by the OASIS staff. OASIS cooking and service staff are also trained in food allergen awareness and we encourage guests to discuss specific menu items, dietary restrictions or other questions with them at the station.