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Reasons to See a CulinArt Registered Dietitian

Overall Nutrition & General Recommendations

  • Discuss foods that fit your lifestyle, learn tips & tricks to add variety, balance and flavor to your meals & snacks.

Weight Management

  • Learning how the types of foods to eat along with proper portion sizes can help manage your weight loss (or even weight gain).
  • Every person has its own estimated daily requirements to achieve their weight goals. Identifying your macronutrients percentages can definitely help you meet your goals. A Registered Dietitian can help calculate your needs.

Sports & Performance needs

  • Fueling your system with the proper nutrients can increase performance, reduced recovery time, and decrease risk for injury.
  • An RD can help provide recommendations for safe supplementation if necessary.

Allergies & Digestive Issues

  • Being unable to navigate on campus is frustrating, The RD can help you with finding your needs on campus. Also, meals can be individualized to ensure your allergy is not concern.
  • Whether your lactose intolerant or follow gluten free, CulinArt provides various options that suite your needs. Our Nutrislice app will filter out the top 8 allergens. Speaking with the RD and the Chefs will be able to thoroughly get you what you need.

Fad Diets & Diet Trends

  • Fad diets and diet trends may not be the safest and healthy practices for your body. Addressing your “diet” plans with an RD can help you safety follow through with the diet plan you wish to follow.

Mindful Eating

  • Depending on your nutritional needs, the technique of eating intuitively may be suitable for your needs.