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Dining at SBU

How Do I Navigate Campus Dining if I have a Food Allergy or if I Avoid Gluten?

At Stony Brook University, Campus Dining takes steps to accommodate all students with special dietary needs. Our protocol for handling food allergies and gluten includes:

  • The Resident Food Allergy Expert (RFAE): A designated manager or chef is available at each dining location to help guide students with food allergens or special dietary needs. The Resident Food Allergy Expert will quickly respond to guest inquiries and has been trained extensively on allergen awareness. All team members are trained to refer guest questions about ingredients and/or allergens to the Resident Food Allergy Expert.
  • OASIS Stations: Located at East Side Dining and West Side Dining, the OASIS concept is intended to provide menu options that are prepared without peanuts, tree nuts, fish, crustacean shellfish, eggs, milk, soy, wheat or gluten. Our culinary team is dedicated to offering minimally processed, fresh meals made from single-source ingredients without hidden additives or seasonings. Recipe information and full ingredient disclosure is available for guests upon request.

    All food preparation and storage for the OASIS concept is in a dedicated area and involves dedicated equipment and smallwares, from the serving tongs to the sauté pans. OASIS team members have been extensively trained in allergy awareness and procedures to prevent cross-contact. Routine equipment swabbing and food sample testing is performed to uphold our standards. 
  • Peace of Mind Stations: A station containing single-use wipes, as well as disposable plates and utensils will be available to students who wish to take extra precaution to avoid cross-contact within our dining facilities.
  • Campus Dining Website: Through the campus dining website, students have direct access to all menus with major ingredients for each recipe as well as full nutrition information. CulinArt Dietitian: Is available for appointments, tours of the dining facilities and to address any questions or concerns regarding food allergies or special dietary needs. 

Disclosure: Be aware that we handle and prepare egg, milk, wheat, shellfish, fish, soy, peanut and tree nut products, and other potential allergens in the food production areas of our facility. We attempt to provide nutrition and ingredient information that is as complete as possible. Products may change without our knowledge and menu items are prepared in close proximity to other ingredients that may result in cross-contact with ingredients not listed, including allergens. Guests with food allergies or specific dietary concerns should speak with the Resident Food Allergy Expert and/or the CulinArt Dietitian for individualized assistance.