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Plant-based living Is an exciting and newly evolving lifestyle. We are always continuing to enhance and expand our plant-based menus on campus. Every menu on campus will have a plant-based recipe for everyone to enjoy! Other initiatives include expanding Meatless Mondays and our Rooted Stations recipes within our dine-in locations.

Want to learn more about plant-based options at SBU, including where to find plant-based food options on campus?

Download the SBU Plant-Based Eating Guide!


Plant-Based Food Identifiers

On our menus and digital signage, you will find icons that identify plant-based options:

vegetarian icon A Vegetarian icon will appear on recipes that do not contain any meat, poultry, or fish. Our vegetarian offerings meet the needs of lacto-ovo vegetarians and may include eggs and/or dairy products.  

vegan icon A Vegan icon will appear on recipes that do not contain animal products such as meat, poultry, fish, eggs, milk, and honey. Our Rooted Station is  dedicated  to a plant-based lifestyle, which all the icons will be present. You also  find recipes that are tagged VG through the various other concepts as well.


Located at East and West Side Dine-In

ROOTED… IN GOOD TASTE, continues to be a great answer to a growing demand for delicious vegan recipes and menu items. Plant-based foods are moving to the center of the plate to meet the increasing consumer demand. Did you know that eating more plants can help your health and the environment simultaneously? It’s true. Eating more plant-based foods is linked to better health for both you and the world around you. Plant-based foods are associated to less environmental impact, including greenhouse gas emissions, energy, land and water use. According to a study released by Wakefield Research, 55 percent of US residents plan to eat more plant-based foods.

Plantiful Table Grain Bar

Located at East and West Side Dine-In

East Side and West Side dine-in also offer an extension of the Rooted station with the “Plantiful Table” which incorporates the option of a salad green, grain and an “energizer” (bean, lentils, seeds and toppings).

The Plantiful Table is intended to be the plant-“base” to your day and allows students to consume a beautifully composed salad that is power packed with nutrients like vitamin K, fiber, Calcium, Healthy fatty acids, magnesium, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C and Selenium etc. This station will also provide complementary proteins which can offer students an additional source of protein throughout the day.

Instead of side salads, students can “build their own” composed salad with only the items they enjoy, limiting food waste and saving the additional plastic containers from the landfill.

Eat Well for the Earth

The up-and-coming focus is climate-based eating. Climate-Based Eating is a practice that brings awareness about choosing foods that are beneficial towards saving the planet. A tremendous amount of research has been completed on how foods with lower carbon footprints from their production and transport, such as locally grown produce, over foods with higher carbon footprints, such as red meat has a better impact on the climate. Climate change affects our well-being and planet in several ways.