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Extra Cleaning and Sanitizing of Dining Locations

In addition to our standard sanitation procedures, we are implementing enhanced safety measures including social distancing and masks, increased frequency of cleaning and sanitizing, plexiglass protective panels, contactless payment options, pandemic COVID-19 training and regular communication with employees and customers to help sustain trust that the space is a clean and safe environment for everyone.

All dining locations’ high touch surfaces will be cleaned, sanitized and disinfected including but not limited to all service counters, tables and chairs, cashier stands and registers, restrooms, storage rooms and walk-in’s, open air refrigerator cases elevator buttons, sinks, pot wash station, kitchen and dining room floors and dishwasher areas.


Daily Deep Cleaning Foggers and Electrostatic Misters

Our dining team uses deep cleaning foggers to disinfect, remove odors and decontaminate dining locations. This powerful 360 cleaning method kills 99.9% of viruses and germs on surfaces and air space. The Environmental Protection Agency-approved electrostatic sanitizing spray is completely safe to use around food and humans. To keep you safe, deep cleaning of dining locations occurs every 60-90 minutes and electrostatic cleaning is performed overnight.