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NYS Dining Reopening Checklist

✅ Takeout and delivery
✅ Manager on site at all times, placed at Critical Control Points
✅ Online ordering
✅ Grab and Go coolers stocked no more than min level
✅ Social distancing and seating
✅ Restroom cleaning schedules adjusted for peak periods
✅ Dining staff trained and received PPE
✅ Third party drivers and suppliers adhere to social distancing req
✅ Buffet lines eliminated, takeout only
✅ Cashier protection with plexiglass barriers installed
✅ Sneeze guards and plexiglass
✅ Contactless payment options, no cash
✅ Prepackaged utensils
✅ Additional signage in production for fall for social distancing and sanitary procedures
✅ Plans in place to safely transport food to quarantine or isolated individuals
✅ Automatic hand sanitizers placed in dining locations
✅ Limited seating, no more than 50 seats
✅ Food service modified for takeout and arrangements made for inability to wear PPE/masks while dining
✅ Six foot distance markers
✅ Regular testing of dining employees
✅ Plan to sanitize tables and chairs after each use
✅ Dining furniture removed or restricted to identify max numbers identified by state
✅ Dining shifts to manage demand during peak hours, staggering schedules and modifying location hours/points of service
✅ Dining personnel have access to appropriate PPE and have they been trained on the proper protocol