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Long Island Educators! 

Registration for the Summer 2020 workshop will open in January!          

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Learn more about CyberMiSTS at the 2019  STEMvideohall with 3 minutes long videos highlighting innovations in STEM Education:

Research shows that to capture more student interest in the field of cybersecurity, students need to be engaged during middle school. Unfortunately, middle school teachers often lack the knowledge and resources to teach cybersecurity to students at this age.

Our Cybersecurity for Middle School Teachers and Students (CyberMiSTS) project will host summer workshops that provide middle school Career and Technical Education teachers the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to actively engage students and expose them to cybersecurity concepts and careers.

In the CyberMiSTS workshops, teachers will learn from cybersecurity researchers, engage in hands-on activities and customize cybersecurity course materials for their own classrooms. Rather than dive deeply into underlying math and science, the focus will be on key concepts and big questions to encourage participation from a broad and diverse set of students.

The workshop and course materials will incorporate Comic-BEE, a novel web application for creating educational, branching web comics. Branching stories provide opportunities to explore cause and effect. The comic style is engaging to middle school students who are disinclined to read long texts, and can incorporate culturally relevant pedagogy with the potential to reach more students.

After the workshop, teachers will use those materials in their own classrooms with instruments we provide to gauge their students’ understanding of cybersecurity concepts and interest in cybersecurity careers.

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