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Ilona Rashkow

 Associate Professor Emerita
Ph.D. – Comparative Literature University of Maryland
    • Hebrew Bible, Judaic studies, religious studies, feminist literary criticism.
    • Psychoanalytic literary theory, women's studies, literary theory, comparative literature.

Ilona Rashkow's primary interests include psychoanalytic literary theory, particularly as applied to the Hebrew Bible, and she works mainly in biblical Hebrew, and English. Her special interests include ancient social and literary history and sociology. Among her publications are Taboo or Not Taboo: The Hebrew Bible and Human Sexuality (Fortress Press, 2000), The Phallacy of Genesis: A Feminist-Psychoanalytic Approach(Westminster/John Knox Press, 1993), Upon the Dark Places: Sexism and Anti-Semitism in English Renaissance Biblical Translation (Sheffield Academic Press, 1990), and numerous journal articles.

Her current research projects include the interrelationship of goddess worship in the biblical world and female sexuality; and sexuality, love, and  marriage in the Hebrew Bible. She routinely presents papers at national and international academic conferences and has also been the Visiting Chair in Judaic Studies at the University of Alabama. She also teaches regularly at New York University.

Prof. Rashkow's CV

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