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 Andrea Fedi

 Associate Professor
Recipient of the School of Professional Development (SPD) Bentley Glass / Mortimer Kreuter Great Teacher Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2010.
Ph.D. – University of Toronto – 1994
fedi | 631-632-7013 | 1055 Humanities
  • 15th- & 16th-century literature in Italian, digital humanities, history of technology, travel literature.
  • Literature & historiography, history of the Italian language, translation.

During the last few years, I shifted my scholarly focus from Italian Studies proper to cultural studies (in particular, travel literature on Tuscany and the automobile and society during the early 1900s), as well as the digital humanities. My ongoing research projects include two translations, one from English to Italian (Maurice Hewlett, The Road in Tuscany, 1904) and another from Italian to English (Alfredo Testoni, In automobile, 1907), as well digital programs to identify stylistic and semantic patterns in large digital corpora.

I published a textbook on Italian language, culture and society (Andrea Fedi and Paolo Fasoli, Mercurio, Yale UP, 2005). Much of the work that I have done during the past ten years can be found inside digital wikis. For example, on Italian civilization, on the history of the Italian language, on language, culture and society in contemporary Italy, on automobile and society in the early 1900s.

I have been the Faculty Director of the Global Studies Undergraduate College (GLS), from 2013 to 2016. Since 2014 I am the Director of the Language Learning and Research Center (LLRC). From 2002 to 2013, I served as Chair of the Curriculum Committee of the School of Professional Development.

 Here is my professional homepage.


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