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Graduate Degrees in Cultural Analysis and Theory––Comparative Literature Track

Stony Brook’s graduate degree in CAT–comparative literature track emphasizes developments in contemporary interpretive theory that have transformed disciplinary identities. It understands its “comparative” mission not only to encourage a global perspective on literature beyond narrow linguistic and cultural boundaries, but also to seek alternatives to established approaches to literary study. The program’s faculty and students work closely with members of other programs in the humanities, arts, and social sciences in a collaborative effort to examine the role of literary expression as related to other forms of human activity. Students supplement their core study in comparative literature by designing individual programs with strong links to related fields. While providing students with the techniques required for advanced literary analysis, the program seeks to provide full appreciation of how those techniques interact with different modes of scholarly inquiry.
As an institution, Stony Brook is committed to increasing the opportunities for interdisciplinary activity crucial to the programs in comparative literature. The University’s Humanities Institute is the most visible expression of a broad university commitment to bringing diverse scholars together for a common intellectual enterprise.
Applicants holding the M.A. degree in CAT–comparative literature track from the graduate program in Cultural Analysis and Theory from Stony Brook may, upon the advice of the graduate studies committee, be directly admitted to the Ph.D. program. Other applicants will be admitted to the program after review of their qualifications.

The CAT M.A. and Ph.D. programs distinct, with different requirements, and applicants must specify to which program they are applying, but students in one program may include the other as one of their primary fields of study.

Full Information on Graduate admissions and M.A. and Ph.D. degree structure can be found in the Department Handbook (available as a PDF).

 Ph.D. in Cultural Analysis and Theory––Comparative Literature

 M.A. in Cultural Analysis and Theory––Comparative Literature

For more information please contact Associate Professor Izabela Kalinowska-Blackwood, Graduate Program Director, at or Phone: (631) 632-7461

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