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1Frances Aldous-Worley
院长助理 石溪大学国际学术项目部
Assistant to the Dean
International Academic Programs and Services, Stony Brook University


Why I decided to take conversational Chinese...."Working in International Academic Programs and Services, I interact with Chinese speakers on a daily basis. I wanted to be able to greet our Chinese students and guests in their own language and pronounce their names correctly. Also, I would like to visit China one day."

2Jennifer Schlitz
项目助理 石溪大学国际学术项目部 英语强化中心
Program Assistant
Intensive English Center
International Academic Programs & Services, Stony Brook University


I have been working at Stony Brook for many years. Taking this Chinese language class gives me the opportunity to better communicate and understand our Chinese students and have more of a respect for anyone who is trying to learn a language from the beginning. Believe me, it's not easy!

3Cynthia Pesantez
英文教师 石溪大学
English Teacher
Stony Brook University


I'm very excited to be learning Chinese!  I love learning new languages, and this one is fun and challenging.  All the students are very enthusiastic, and the instructor is very patient.  I feel very lucky to have this opportunity.

4William Young
本科二年级学生 石溪大学
Undergraduate sophomore
Stony Brook University

我一直在学习中文,这是我个人面临的最大挑战之一。幸运的是,我看到了孔子学院的海报,我毫不犹豫地第一个报名参加了汉语中级班。在课堂上,我不仅仅学习 到中文,还学习了中国文化和礼仪。除了课堂学习之外,孔子学院的项目还让我们参与到很多有趣的活动中去,例如品中国茶、看中国电影、体验中国美食等。而 且,课堂上我还能够结识很多不同的人,因为中文班吸引了不同背景、不同兴趣、不同志向的人前来学习。我们时常交流自己的故事,而我的故事将是什么呢?对我 而言,中文班的学习不单是一门学业,更是让我保持语言鲜活的一种方式,因为有一天,中文会让带我回到中国,让我融入世界。

In today's global business environment, language skills, as well as cultural skills, are extremely relevant -- so much so, that you can't make it through the American education system without some exposure to a foreign language. For me, it was Chinese. At first it was just minimal exposure, but as I grew more mature it grew into an interest, then a fascination.
Learning Chinese has been one of my biggest personal challenges, and I'm still working on it. Luckily, I came across an advertisement for the Confucius Institute's Chinese classes on my way to a Russian literature class and signed up immediately. In class, I learned not only Chinese language, but Chinese mannerisms and culture. Aside from the classroom, the program allows us to participate in fun activities such as Chinese tea tasting, Chinese movies and even a Chinese dinner at the end of the program! I am also glad to have met all sorts of interesting people in the class. The class attracts many kinds of people from various backgrounds, interests and motivations for learning Chinese. We often swap stories. What's my story? For me, the class is more than just an academic exercise. It is keeping the Chinese in me alive, so that one day, I can take it to China.


Leili Sarrafha
本科二年级学生 石溪大学
Undergraduate sophomore
Stony Brook University


I have studied 5 different languages over years and I am always eager to learn new ones, so I decided to take the CI’s class to familiarize myself with the Chinese language and culture. I enjoy the class very much. The small size of the class gives it a friendly atmosphere and a relaxed environment for learning. Thank you for such a great program!

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