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The Confucius Institute at Stony Brook University Celebrated
Chinese New Year on 6 February, 2016

The Confucius Institute held a Chinese New Year Celebration in the Charles B. Wang Center at Stony brook University. Director of the Confucius Institute, Dr. E.K. Tan welcomed Stony Brook University President, Dr. Samuel L. Stanley, Vice Provost of Global Affairs and Dean of International Academic Programs and Services, Dr. Jun Liu, members of the Confucius Institute Advisory Board, and university leaders present at the event. Dr. Jun Liu gave the opening speech to welcome and wish everyone a happy Chinese New Year. Dr. Shijiao Fang, the Confucius Institute Chinese Director introduced, in brief, the mission of the Confucius Institute and the meaning of Chinese New Year.

The celebration included Chinese cultural performances and folk art demonstrations. Performers from New York Chinese Traditional Arts Center, Flushing and Long Island presented a range of diverse performances ranging from magic show to Sichuan face-changing opera act to Chinese traditional musical instrument, Erhu performance to acrobatic show, and more. These performers were members of famous Chinese arts organizations such as Peking Opera Theatre of Beijing, the Central National Chinese Orchestra and so on. In addition, the children from Confucius Corner at Harbor Country Day School participated in the celebration by performing Chinese folk songs, the youth group from Stony Brook Chinese School recited the Shu Lai Bao, and the Long Island Chinese Dance Group, Sound of Long Island, Song Island Performing Arts Group performed joyous songs and dances for the audience. The wide variety of professional performances brought to the audience an afternoon of wonderful audio-visual enjoyment. Between the performances, there were two raffles with a total 27 winners. After the end of the programs, audiences also enjoyed watching Chinese cultural art demonstrations such as Chinese calligraphy, Chinese painting, dough figure craft and dragon straws weaving.

To round up the celebration, the Confucius Institute provided a reunion dinner of traditional Chinese cuisine for the audience, performers, faculty and students from Stony Brook University. Many people stayed and mingled with friends and families, enhancing friendships by celebrating Chinese New Year together.


Dr. Jun Liu, Vice Provost for Global Affairs, Dean for International Academic Programs and Services gives opening remarks and a warm welcome to Stony Brook President Samuel L. Stanley Jr., MD and the audience attending the popular event.

Dr. Eng Kiong Tan

Dr. E.K. Tan, Director, Confucius Institute, gives introductory remarks.

Dr.Shijiao Fang

Dr. Shijiao Fang, Chinese Director, Confucius Institute, from partner university, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, gives a brief background of traditional Chinese New Year Celebrations.

Harbor Country Day School

Children from Harbor Country Day School singing Chinese songs.

Li Ying Magic Show

Magician Li, Ying performing magic.

Lingyan Zhou

Lingyan Zhou, Soprano, singing while accompanied by Long Island Chinese Dance Group.

Naiyi Zhao

Naiyi Zhao, perfoming face changing.

Long Island Chinese Dance Group

Long Island Chinese Dance Group dancing Chinese folk dances.

The Youth Group from Stony Brook

The Youth Group from Stony Brook performing Shu Lai Bao.

Group Picture

Performers at the Confucius Institute Chinese New Year Celebration are joined by (left to right)

Dr. E.K.Tan, Director, Confucius Institute; Dr. Samuel L. Stanley Jr., MD ,President Stony Brook University; Dr. Jun Liu, Vice Provost for Global Affairs, Dean for International Academic Programs and Services; Dr. Ellen Li, MD, President’s Spouse, Professor of Medicine, Chief of the Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Professor of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, Stony Brook University School of Medicine; Dr. Minghua Zhang, Dean and Director of the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences.
Dr. Li and Dr. Zhang serve on the Confucius Institute Advisory Board.

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