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If you plan to serve any food at your event/activity, you must notify the Staff member with whom you are working with as early as possible. Environmental Health & Safety requires any outside caterers to have a food permit. Campus Catering (CulinArt, Windows or Simons Café) does not require a food permit. All permits are due to the Venue Manager one week prior to the event.


When serving alcohol all caterers must have a New York State SLA permit to pour.  In addition to an SLA Permit, any entity wishing to serve alcohol must have an approved Request to Serve Alcohol at a Campus Event form.   These forms should be fully executed one week prior to you event and must be on display at the event. Please note: It can take up to 12 weeks to get an NYSLA Permit.


Any non SBU reservation requires a Revocable Permit and proof of insurance identifying the State of New York, The State University of New York and the State of New York at Stony Brook.  This contract, exhibits, fees and requirements are SUNY policy.
For links to our revocable permits, please click HERE.


Any third party (non-SBU personnel or off-campus organizations) coming on to University property to film must obtain a Media permit,  to guarantee that consent/release agreements will be obtained from those filmed, and has to agree to indemnify the university and should have proof of insurance.



Media Relations should be advised if the Press is expected at an event.


Any program where supervision of children is vested in the permittee must follow the requirements of the  SUNY Child Protection Policy. The SUNY Child Protection Policy requires, among other things, that individuals who are responsible for the custody, control or supervision of children participating in a Covered Activity to conduct themselves appropriately with children who participate in Covered Activity and report instances or suspicion of physical or sexual abuse of children. This policy is part of the Revocable Permit issued.


Any Vendors and/or Sponsors exhibiting at events in the Wang Center must have a FSA permit to participate. These permits are coordinated through FSA and are fee based.  All vendor tables should be covered.  The Wang Center charges a fee for vendor set ups in the building.