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Health & Safety



Blood Pressure Screening: know your numbers with a blood pressure check. 

Community Outreach Information: info about participating in research studies. Learn how to become involved and its benefits. Sign up with a national match registry and a local newsletter with information about research occurring at Stony Brook University.

Dental and Oral Cancer Screenings for Children & Adults: receive onsite info and dental screenings.

Oral Health Care Education & Home Care Kit Giveaways: learn how to take better care of your teeth and pick up a teeth cleaning kit! 

Mobile Dental Clinic: tour the Dental School’s Mobile Clinic filled with all you need to have healthy teeth.

Distracted Driving Simulators: experience the effects of distracted and drowsy driving with a hands-on simulator.

Fingercasts for kids: have one of your child's finger casted (the same as in a visit to the ER) while they learn about how hospitals help kids. The cast is removable and can be turned into a finger puppet. Child Life Specialists use art, play and education to help prepare kids for hospital experiences.

Hands-Only CPR: info on Sudden Cardiac Arrest, and how immediate Hands-Only CPR and defibrillation using an automated external defibrillator can save lives. Participants can sign-up to attend a 15 minute Hands-Only CPR class on site, and have the opportunity to learn how to use an AED!

How can a Physical Therapist help you?: info on the role of a Physical Therapist and have your balance screened for fall risk.

Nutrition Stony Brook Medicine: Come learn about the nutrition counseling services, group Target Fitness workshops, supermarket tours and cooking classes provided by the Nutrition Division at Stony Brook Medicine, and receive complimentary body composition analysis, recipes, and healthy nutrition handouts.

Occupational Therapy: Learn about the different adaptive equipment used in patient treatment

Prevention against Tick-Borne Diseases: come learn about successful prevention methods against ticks.

Pulmonary Functions "Spirometry": receive a measure of your lung function and speed of air flow.

Putting Your Health to the Test: learn about various basic lab tests (e.g. cholesterol).

Radiation Tech "Inside X-rays": play a game and test your knowledge of the human anatomy and take x-rays through a computer simulation. 

Radiation Therapy " A Profession that Treats Cancer": Play an interactive trivia game that explores a day in the life of a radiation therapist.

School of Health Technology Center for Community Engagement and Leadership Development: information for community members about research being conducted at the University, clinical trials that are taking place, and what the research process entails.

Seawolves Lacrosse: meet and greet the Seawolves Lacrosse Team membersin an informed play around.

Stony Brook Alzheimer's Center and Psychiatry Department: meet the Geriatric division of Outpatient Psychiatry and the Center of Excellence for Alzheimer's disease and receive information on their departments. 

Stony Brook Coalition: View the efforts of our campus community coalition addressing alcohol and drug use 

 Stony Brook Volunteer Ambulance Corps Recruitment: information for the community regarding the program and how to get involved. 

Stop the Bleed: enjoy demonstrations on how to apply tourniquets and wound-packing. We will highlight the Trauma Center's achievements in rolling out the Stop the Bleed campaign on Long Island which teaches participants how to recognize and control life-threatening bleeding using tourniquets, direct pressure, and wound-packing. 

Tai Chi Demo on the Lawn: Learn Tai Chi geared towards older adults for fall prevention.

Teddy Bear Clinic: for 4-7 year olds with parents, this stop is followed by a "clinic" where kids get dressed up in hospital personal protective equipment and bandage stuffed animals. Take a teddy bear home with you or bring your own to bandage! Limited while supplies last.

University Hospital Blood Bank: learn the steps involved in donating blood and how easy it is to save up to 3 lives in less than an hour. Help us fill our “Blood Bank” by scheduling an appointment to donate. Giveaways while supplies last will be available!

University Fire Marshals: meet the Fire Marshals and check out their display of confined space rescue equipment, hazardous materials, and more.

University Police Department: meet the UPD and receive information on their department.