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COVID Pandemic Operations and Academic Year 2020-2021 Task Forces and Planning Groups

The University has established Coronavirus response committees tasked with addressing the wide-ranging challenges, including academic planning for 2020-2021, posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. These groups, shown below, include key area task forces and planning groups, all operating under the guidance, direction, and oversight of our Executive Leadership Team. The groups are collaborating with each other, experts throughout our campus, and outside community- and government-based experts to ensure we continue to operate as safely, effectively and efficiently as possible in light of continuing challenges posed by COVID-19. We express our gratitude to everyone who has agreed to serve.

Executive Leadership Team
MEMBERS:   Michael Bernstein, Interim Stony Brook University President; Maurie McInnis, President (7/1/2020); Susan Blum, Senior Counsel in Charge; Kathleen Byington, Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration;  Rick Gatteau, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students; Judith Greiman, Chief Deputy to the President, Senior Vice President for Government and Community Relations; Lynn M. Johnson, Vice President of Human Resource Services; Kenneth Kaushansky, Senior Vice President for Health Sciences and Dean, Renaissance School of Medicine; Charlie McMahon, Interim Senior Vice President and Enterprise Chief Information Officer; Rich Reeder,    Vice President for Research; Nicholas Scibetta, Vice President for Marketing and Communications and Chief Marketing and Communications Officer; Larry Zacarese, Senior Operations Director for Institutional Resiliency and Business Continuity and Assistant Chief of Police & Director of the Office of Emergency Management; and Minghua Zhang, Interim Provost.

COVID Recovery Key Area Task Forces:

Academic Planning Group
CHARGE:   Fall semester (and beyond) planning, course content quality and pedagogical review, experiential considerations and accreditation compliance

  • MEMBERS:   Laura Lindenfeld, Dean of the School of Journalism and Executive Director of the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science; Charlie Robbins, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and Student Success and Dean of the Undergraduate Colleges; Nicole Sampson, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, SUNY Distinguished Professor of Chemistry; Fotis Sotiropoulos, Dean, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, SUNY Distinguished Professor of Civil Engineering: Stacy Jaffee Gropack, Dean, School of Health Technology and Management; Eric Wertheimer, Vice Provost for Graduate and Professional Education and Dean of the Graduate School; other Deans.

Finance Group
CHARGE:   Financial projections and modeling, COVID-19 expense tracking, Federal Energy Management Agency (FEMA) reimbursement process, grant opportunities 

  • MEMBERS:   Kathy Byington, Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration; Lyle Gomes, Vice President for Finance and Chief Budget Officer; Pete Santella, Associate Vice President for Financial Planning & Analysis; Heather Montague, Senior Assistant Provost for Finance, Budget and Operations;
    and Melissa Hogarty, Director of Business

Enrollment Strategies Group
CHARGE:   Admissions and enrollment planning scenarios and modeling, international/out-of-state student considerations

  • MEMBERS: Stefan Hyman, Assistant Provost for Enrollment Strategies, Communications and Analytics Enrollment and Retention Management; Heather Montague, Associate Vice President for Academic Budget and Financial Planning; and David Bousquet, Interim Vice President for Enrollment Management

Student Affairs Group
CHARGE:  Residential life, housing, quarantine planning, CARE (   C   Assess.   Respond.   Educate.) team, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), all traditional services in context of modified campus operations and reduced/nontraditional student campus population, telehealth/telecounseling capacity

  • MEMBERS:   Rick Gatteau, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students; Judi Brown-Clarke, Chief Diversity Officer; Marisa Bisiani, Assistant Vice President Student Health, Wellness and Prevention Services; Al Devries, Director of Residential Housing Administration; Ellen Driscoll, Interim Associate Dean of Students; Judy Esposito, Associate Director, Counseling and Psychological Services; Smita Majumdar Das, Director of Center for Prevention and Outreach    

Research Group

CHARGE:  Impacts, recovery, coordination and resumption of activities for research enterprise

  • MEMBERS:  Rich Reeder, Vice President for Research; Surita Bhatia, Vice President for Faculty Affairs; Patricia Thompson-Carino, Associate Dean for Researcg, School of Medicine; Nina Maung-Gaona, Associate Vice President for Research, and Gary Kaczmarczyk, Assistant Vice President for Environmental Health & Safety

Infectious Disease Advisors
CHARGE:   Epidemiological modeling, best practices, ongoing consultation

  • MEMBERS:   Susan Donelan, Medical Director, Healthcare Epidemiology Department; Hospital Epidemiologist; Assistant Professor, Infectious Diseases and Medical Director, Regional Training Center, MARO (Metropolitan Regional Office); Dr. Sharon Nachman, Chief of Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases, Director of the Office of Clinical Trials, Professor Pediatrics Renaissance School of Medicine; Dr. Bettina Fries, Chief, Division of Infectious Diseases, Professor of Medicine, Molecular Genetics and Microbiology Renaissance School of Medicine

COVID Recovery Planning Groups:

Return to Work Planning
CHARGE: High level planning considerations and strategies for campus “phase one” return to work, anticipated loosening of Executive Order restrictions, research restarting, etc.

  • MEMBERS: Lynn Johnson, Vice President for Human Resources; Sharon Chambliss-Alvarez, Director of Human Resource; Gary Kaczmarczyk, Assistant Vice President for Environmental Health & Safety , Marisa Bisiani, Tracy Haas, Director of Employee and Labor Relations; Terence Harrigan, Associate Vice President for Campus Operations and Maintenance; Lauren Sheprow, Media Relations Officer, Marketing & Communications Susanne Walsh, Sr. Director Operations, Office of Communications and Marketing; John Riley, Associate Vice President Health Sciences, Vice Dean of Administration and Finance  

DoIT Support Group
CHARGE:   Network/information security, Blackboard, Echo 360 and remote learning tools, faculty support, student support

  • MEMBERS:   Matt Nappi, Chief Information Security Officer and Assistant Vice President;  Mike Ospitale, Assistant Vice President of Customer Engagement and Support;  and Patricia Aceves,  Assistant Vice President, Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT)

Faculty Student Association (FSA) Group
CHARGE:   Campus dining planning/space considerations, social distancing criteria for facilities, long-term delivery/grab & go capacity, long-term quarantine support capacity, personnel, overall auxiliary strategy, etc.

  • MEMBERS:   Van Sullivan, Executive Director FSA; Maryanne Reinhardt, Chief Financial Officer FSA

Facilities/Special Events/Space Planning Group
CHARGE:   Custodial considerations, long-term ‘deep cleaning’ contractor engagement, high-traffic/high touch point plans, public spaces vs. residential capacity, classroom and space planning, revocable permits, timelines, locations, overall capacity, contract implications, high-profile/VIP event implications

  • MEMBERS:   Terence Harrigan, Associate Vice President for Campus Operations and Maintenance; John Alessio, Director of West Campus Custodial/Recycling, Director of Southampton Facilities; Connel Friel, Director of Facilities and Services; Diane Bello, University Registrar; Mike Mooney, Deputy Registrar; Diana Hannan, Executive Director, Conferences & Events Services; Christina Cabral, Director, University Events; Joan Dickinson, Director Community Relations; Melissa Hogarty, Assistant Director of Business; and
    • Diane Marone, Sr. Finance Director

International Academic Programs and Services Group
CHARGE:   Visa and Immigration Services, international student support, prolonged remote learning considerations, etc.

  • MEMBERS:   Lindsi Walker, Senior Assistant Dean, International Academic Programs & Services; Trista Lu, Assistant Director, China Center; and Michelle Schenke, Assistant Director, Global Summer Institute, Executive Assistant to the Vice President/Vice Provost; Meghan Gambino, Director, Visa and Immigration Services; Mariam Isack, Study Abroad and Exchange Manager

Health and Safety Group
CHARGE:   Employee and student health, regulatory tracking and compliance, infection detection and campus tracing, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), etc. (While the Student Health team stepped up to manage employee health issues in April, as students return, will need to build a modified employee health infrastructure around COVID issues and what we should be doing -- e.g., temperature checks, screening, tracing, connecting with infectious disease advisors, building capacity to continue screening process)

  • MEMBERS:  Marisa Bisiani, Assistant Vice President Student Health, Wellness and Prevention Services; Gary Kaczmarczyk, Assistant Vice President for Environmental Health & Safety; and Cliff Knee, Safety, Training & Environmental Compliance Manager 

Communications Liaison Group
CHARGE:  Interdepartmental/unit comms coordination, common messaging, website updates, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Marketing & Communications (MARCOM) support, etc.

  • MEMBERS:  Nicholas Scibetta, Vice President, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Marketing & Communications; Lauren Sheprow, Media Relations Officer, Marketing & Communications; Sonia Garrido, Communications Manager Division of Student Affairs; and Ellen Cooke, Associate Director for Internal Communications, Marketing & Communications; Susanne Walsh, Senior Director, Operations,    Marketing & Communications

Campus Security Group
CHARGE:   Building security, laboratory access, general access to campus/visitors, considerations for modified student life/social distancing and event oversight concerns, campus police and community relations, crime trends, etc.

  • MEMBERS:   Bob Lenahan,Chief of Police and Assistant Vice President for Campus Security; Eric Olsen, Assistant Chief of Police; Rich Reeder, Vice President for Research; and Surita Bhatia, Vice President for Faculty Affairs

 Restarting Research  Group
CHARGE: Developing structured plans for phased return to research, safeguards and controls for lab/field research, oversight mechanism.

  • MEMBERS: Rich Reeder, Vice President for Research; Surita Bhatia, Vice President for Faculty Affairs; Axel Drees, Chair and Professor, Neurobiology and Behavior; Alfredo Fontanini, Chair and Professor, Neurobiology and Behavior; Connell Friel, Director, Facilities and Operations; Timothy Glotch, Associate Dean, Operations and Facilities, CAS; Professor Geosciences; Glen Itzkowitz, Associate Dean, Research Facilities & Operations, Health Science Center, Stony Brook Medicine - Office of Scientific Affairs; Walter Julias, Manager, Laboratory Safety and Hazardous Waste, Environmental Health and Safety; Jon Longtin, Associate Dean for Research, CEAS, Professor, Mechanical Engineering; Nina Maung, Associate Vice President for Research; Anne McElroy, Professor, SoMAS; and Noele Certain, GSO Representative, Pharmacology.      

Human Resources (HR)/Labor Relations (LR) Group
CHARGE:  State University of New York (SUNY)/Governor’s Office of Employee Relations (GOER) mandates, essential/nonessential tracking, employee absenteeism long-term considerations, union collective bargaining issues, payroll, long-term hiring freeze impacts, etc.

  • MEMBERS:   Lynn Johnson, Vice President of Human Resource Services; Sharon Chambliss-Alvarez,    Director of Human Resources; Tracy Haas,    Director of Employee and Labor Relations;    and Colette Brown, Chief Human Resources Officer, Stony Brook University Hospital;  Tracey McEachern, Director, Human Resource Services