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The CampusClear daily self-screening app is one of several innovations we introduced to help protect our campus community and stop the spread of COVID-19. We designed it, initially, to provide a quick and easy way for employees (and students) to check for COVID symptoms before coming to Stony Brook each day. Since then, we’ve continuously enhanced it, with features such as reminders to complete required COVID testing, and for remote workers to use the app 14 consecutive days before returning to campus. We also recently added in a vaccination question we’re asking individuals to fill out one time only, after they’ve received one or two doses of their COVID-19 vaccine.

How to Access CampusClear

Website: To register and access the CampusClear screener application via a web browser, please visit: CampusClear Web App .

Mobile App: To download the CampusClear screener application to your mobile device, please visit: CampusClear Mobile App .

No Device? No problem! Employees who do not have access to a mobile device or computer may continue to use the paper Daily Health Self-Screening Log .

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Vaccine Question FAQs

Q: Answered Incorrectly? I mistakenly checked the vaccination button when I haven’t yet received my vaccine … what should I do? 

A: Please contact the Health Information Line (HIL) at 631-632-5000 (Option 1)

Q: Upcoming Vaccination Appointment? What if I have my vaccine appointment coming up — how should I answer? 

A: That’s great news! To help us properly assess our vaccination efforts, please leave it blank until you’ve completed your first dose.

Q. Am I entitled to time off the day I get my vaccine?

A: We’re happy to say that as of March 12, 2021, State and Research Foundation employees receiving the COVID-19 vaccine during scheduled work hours are granted up to a maximum of four hours off from work with pay, per injection. Read more in this HRS message.  

Q: Will our campus vaccination efforts be made public?

A: They already are! In addition to numerous outside news stories touting our successes, our April 9 Coming Back Safe and Strong Update , which goes to our entire campus community, noted that we were able to vaccinate more than 1,900 employees at a single-day event in the Stony Brook Union, as well as 1,400 students at a separate dedicated event in the same location, within two weeks’ time. 

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