Proposal Requirements  (printable version)

All proposals should include the following:

  1. Cover Page for SBU Interdisciplinary Faculty Cluster Hires (use attached template).
  2. Executive Summary (no more than one page) outlining the theme of the proposed cluster, a brief description of the interdisciplinary field of study (research, scholarly activity and teaching)  and merit, a list of collaborating units and lead faculty for the proposal, and the timeline for implementing the proposal.
  3. Narrative(three to four pages) describing
    1. the proposed research field and its national/international relevance;
    2. its relevance to SBU, including, if appropriate, an analysis of relation with similar research, scholarly activity and teaching on campus;
    3. the impact on the academic world, the state of New York, and the larger community;
    4. the rationale for hiring in the selected areas;
    5. the scope of the cluster, i.e. number and rank of hires;
    6. timeline for the implementation of the cluster;
    7. the new avenues for interaction and synergy of individual faculty, including a plan how to realize and sustain the interdisciplinary nature of the cluster;
    8. the impact of the proposed hires on undergraduate and graduate education, for new graduate or undergraduate programs the relationship to existing programs needs to be delineated.
  4. Position Profile for each proposed hire (no more than one page per position) including
    1. a description of the position and how the research, scholarly activity and teaching will further the field of study described in the narrative.
    2. a discussion of potential academic home departments, including impact on teaching.
    3. a discussion of possible needs for space and research equipment.
    4. a plan to assemble a strong and diverse pool of applicants with particular attention to women and underrepresented minorities.
  5. Faculty recruitment and mentoring plan(one page) - The proposal should include
    1. a statement on composition of the joint search committee and search plan that will recruit all new faculty members. In most cases, the proposal lead/co leads will be expected to serve as chairs of the cluster hire search committee and required to submit annual progress reports until the granted positions are filled;
    2. an outline of how the collaborating units will mentor and support the professional development of the new faculty members, and how they will interact in the tenure review process for a junior faculty position.
  6. Facilities and Space (no more than two pages) - Proposals should include a description of the specific space(s) that will be provided to the new hires, any facility-related support provided by the participating schools and colleges, and if appropriate, a description of space renovation needs and budget estimates, which needs to be developed in coordination with the Office of Facilities and Services that reports to the Senior Vice President for Administration. Where possible, colocation of the cluster hire faculty members and sharing of facilities and core equipment is encouraged. Requested for equipment or facilities should be accompanied by a rationale why existing equipment or facilities do not support the goals of the cluster (see Office of the Vice President for Research facilities listing/description).
  7. Budget sheet (click here for budget template) and budget justification (no more than one-half page per position) - Proposals need to provide a tabulated summary of the budget including the anticipated funding for start-up from participating schools/colleges/departments and any other support.  Proposals should suggest a salary range for each faculty position requested and an appropriate start-up package. The start-up packages should include costs of equipment and renovations (as discussed in 6), which would be funded through this initiative, as well as the anticipated contribution from participating schools/colleges and departments. Appointments in Stony Brook Medicine schools need to be funded through the Office of the Senior Vice President of Health Sciences. Proposed joint appointments with BNL need to include a commitment from the Office of the BNL Director to funding the appropriate appointment fraction and start-up package.  


Submission and Review

For all proposals responding to the second call, the lead faculty member(s) for the proposal should submit to the Office of the Provost:

  • the executive summary expressing the intent to submit a full proposal pending approval of the Chairs and Deans of collaborating units, no later than Friday, January 18, 2013.
  • the full proposal, including the cover page with all signatures designating proposal approval by the Chairs and Deans of collaborating units, no later than April 5, 2013.   

All proposals should be submitted electronically in PDF to Ann Ozelis (

The proposals will be reviewed by a faculty committee representing a broad range of disciplines on campus.  The committee will make recommendations to the Provost regarding which proposals to fund.  Upon consideration of these recommendations and after consultation with the President and other senior administrators, the Provost will make final decisions of new clusters to be initiated for the 2013/14 hiring season
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