Cluster Proposal Evaluation Criteria

  • Is the cluster a new entity for knowledge or an emerging field that makes sense to bring to Stony Brook?
  • Does the proposed field have national and/or international relevance?
  • Does the cluster start from scratch or does it build on formal or informal collaborations already in place?
  • Is the rationale for hiring in the selected areas compelling?
  • What will be the impact on the academic world, the state of New York, and the larger community?
  • What is the potential for funding (where appropriate)? For scholarship? For creative activity?
  • What will be the impact on undergraduate and graduate education and the relationship of new programs on existing programs?
  • Are the proposed hires (number and rank) appropriate and does the timeline of the hires make sense?
  • Is the requested support reasonable and within proposal guidelines?
  • Does the plan make sense as a collaborative venture?
  • Is the project truly interdisciplinary, requiring faculty from different areas to work together to achieve goals?
  • Is there a plan to manage and sustain the cluster?
  • Has leadership been defined and the manner of interaction among faculty well thought out?
  • Do proposals overlap in such a way that suggest clusters might be combined?
  • Is the proposal ready for implementation?
  • Is there other support for the cluster, including additional faculty lines from participating departments, schools, or colleges as well as outside collaborators?

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