Interdisciplinary Cluster Proposal Review Committee 2013

Robert Crease, Philosophy, Professor

Marvin Geller, School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, Professor

Richard Gerrig, Psychology, Professor

James Glimm, Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Distinguished Professor

Perry Goldstein, Music, Chair, Professor

Paul Grannis, Physics and Astronomy, Distinguished Research Professor

Robert Haltiwanger, Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Chair, Professor

Leslie Hyman, Epidemiology, Professor

Richard Larson, Linguistics, Chair, Professor

Manuel London, College of Business, Dean, Professor

Iwao Ojima, Chemistry, Distinguished Professor; Institute of Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery, Director

John Parise, Geosciences, Distinguished Professor

Miriam Rafailovich, Material Science and Engineering, Distinguished Professor

Jeffrey Segal, Political Science, Distinguished Professor, Chair

Lonnie Wollmuth, Neurobiology and Behavior, Professor

Erez Zadok, Computer Science, Associate Professor

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