National Security Institute (NSI)

Year: 2013  
Cluster Leads:

Radu Sion, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science

Computer Science
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY 11794-4400

Phone: 631-632-1672



Academic Units and Collaborating Faculty: Computer Science Radu Sion
Arie Kaufman
R. Sekar
Technology and Society Lori Scarlatos
Guodong Sun
Electrical & Computer Engineering Peter Djuric
Sociology Daniel Levy
Ian Roxborough
Psychology Gregory Zelinsky
Brookhaven National Lab Terry Healy
Michael DePhillips
College of Business Manny London
Health Technology and Management Craig Lehmann
Center of Excellence in Wireless & Information Technology (CEWIT) Shmuel Einav
Advanced Energy Research & Technology Center (AERTC) Miriam Rafailovich
Applied Mathematics & Statistics Joe Mitchell
Estie Arkin


Today’s societies are intrinsically dependent on cyber technologies, across the entire socio-economical spectrum of the modern human experience which has become highly digital. Yet, daily reports of cyber-attacks of increasing magnitude and impact are bombarding us. It is essential for New York State and Stony Brook as its flagship university to participate in the nationwide effort to establish dedicated centers for cybersecurity research. The National Security Institute vision and its core mission are bold: to secure our homeland by researching and developing technologies and insights for secure, trustworthy, and available communications and computing platforms. NSI's goal is to become a world leader in research, the education of professionals, security technology, business and policy, and raising awareness. NSI will span multiple disciplines and establish public-private partnerships to develop new holistic socio-technological solutions for securing our highly-digital societies; it will engage not only in research but also in the education of professionals in defense, national and cybersecurity, assurance, healthcare, and policy. A comprehensive assurance education program will be established, to train not only Stony Brook students but also the broader corporate and academic community. NSI will leverage the team’s strengths to spawn a steady stream of successful security-centric technology startups.

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