Clinical Affective Neuroscience of Anxiety and Depression (CANAD)

Year: 2013  
Cluster Leads:

Greg Hajcak Proudfit, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Psychology

Psychology B Building
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY 11794-2500

Phone: 631-632-6272



Academic Units and Collaborating Faculty: Psychology Greg Hajcak
Daniel Klein
Hoi-Chung Leung
Joanne Davila
Aprajita Mohanty
Patricia Whitaker
Turhan Canli
Brenda Anderson
Neurobiology & Behavior Alfredo Fontanini
Lorna Role
Mary Kritzer
Craig Evinger
Psychiatry Ramin Parsey


Anxiety and depression are among the most common, costly, and impairing mental disorders. These conditions are increasingly understood in terms of fundamental disruptions of core neural systems related to emotion. Emerging evidence links depression and anxiety to abnormal sensitivity to reward and threat, respectively. In these domains, neuroimaging methods are being leveraged to identify biomarkers that can predict both course of disorder and response to pharmacological and psychosocial treatments to determine what treatment works best for whom. Emotion-related neural circuitry is also studied in genetically modified animal models. Such studies can lead to the identification of mechanistic alterations in brain function and, ultimately, to translation into new therapies and testable models for human anxiety and depression. The CANAD cluster will be the first of its kind, establishing a multi-disciplinary group of scholars at Stony Brook University who would work together on anxiety and depression – combining basic research in human affective neuroscience, psychopathology, and treatment with animal models of these disorders. The CANAD cluster crosses boundaries of psychology, psychiatry, and neurobiology—and will solidify and extend existing expertise across these departments, and between east and west campus.

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