Big Data for the Social Sciences
Research Area: Computational social science and Social networks
Center for Finance (CF)
Research Area: Quantitative and analytical finance
Clinical Affective Neuroscience of Anxiety and Depression (CANAD)
Research Area: Neuroscience, Mental health
Research Area: Experimental, evolutionary and environmental genomics, Computational biology
National Security Institute (NSI)
Research Area: Defense, Cybersecurity, Risk modeling, Social engineering


Behavioral Political Economy
Research Area: Political economy, Behavioral economics, Econometrics
Biomolecular Imaging
Research Area: Determining mtomic and molecular-level structures of biologically relevant targets, Super-resolution microscopy, Following small molecules/drugs in mice/rats/humans using PET imaging
Coastal Zone Management and Engineering
Research Area: Coastal ocean engineering, Systems-based environmental science, management and policy
Joint Photon Sciences Institute (JPSI)
Research Area: Research that advances the frontiers of synchrotron radiation, taking advantage of the unique spectral characteristics of NSLS-II and the synergies between SBU and BNL
Smart Energy Technologies (SET)
Research Area: Smart Energy Technologies
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