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VenkatesanDr. Arjun Venkatesan, Associate Director for Drinking Water Initiatives

Dr. Arjun Venkatesan   serves as the Associate Director for   Drinking Water  Initiatives   and leads a research program to develop, test, and evaluate advanced/alternative water treatment technologies to remove contaminants of emerging concern. Dr. Venkatesan is also an Adjunct Professor in the  Department of Civil Engineering. Prior to joining the Center, Dr. Venkatesan served as a Research Scientist at the School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment at Arizona State University (ASU). Dr. Venkatesan earned his Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from ASU (2013) where his research focused on the utilization of wastewater treatment plants as chemical observatories to inform on the occurrence, fate, consumption, and exposure of unsustainable chemicals in the human society. Dr. Venkatesan also holds a Master's in Environmental Engineering from University of Nevada, Las Vegas (2009), and a Bachelor's in Chemical Engineering from Anna University in Chennai, India (2007).  Dr. Venkatesan implements his knowledge and enthusiasm in conducting research to develop new interventions and technologies that will improve water quality and public health. Some of the ongoing research in his group includes: (i) treatment of  1,4-dioxane utilizing  advanced oxidation processes; (ii) environmental monitoring to study the fate and transport of emerging contaminants (e.g. PFAS and PPCPs); (iii) application of electron beam for the treatment of emerging contaminants; and (iv) novel wastewater-based epidemiology for public health monitoring .   

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