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Carrie McDonough
Assistant Professor

2441 Computer Science
Department of Civil Engineering
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY 11794-4424
Contact Information
Phone: (631) 632-8911


  • Ph.D., Oceanography, University of Rhode Island, 2017
  • B.Sc., Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2008

Professional Experience

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Stony Brook University, 2019-Present

Research Interests

I am an environmental chemist working at the intersection of environmental organic chemistry, environmental engineering, and public health. I use cutting-edge field monitoring and analytical chemistry techniques to study the fate, transport, and biological effects of anthropogenic organic contaminants. Broadly, I am interested in how the molecular structure and chemical properties of pollutants influence their fate in the environment, as well as their impacts on aquatic ecosystems and humans. My overarching objective is to understand human and ecosystem health risk associated with organic contaminants in water and to identify particular compounds of concern that should be prioritized for remediation and toxicological investigation. My work protects the public from exposure to harmful pollutants and draws attention to the global ubiquity of organic contaminants.