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Erin Giuliano receives the SUNY Chancellor's Award
for Excellence in Professional Service


Our own Erin Giuliano was awarded the SUNY Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Professional Service. The award is given to individuals who have repeatedly sought improvement of themselves, their campuses and ultimately the State University and, in doing so, have transcended the normal definitions of excellence.

As the inaugural Assistant to the Chair, Erin has been involved in all aspects of department business, ranging from higher level decision making to day-to-day operations. Further, as the only administrative staff in a new and growing department with no precedent procedures, Erin has had to take initiatives in all departmental activities, essentially from scratch.  From its inception to the ongoing growth of CIV (which has been a uniquely challenging process of its own), she has been the embodiment of the CIV’s institutional knowledge and has contributed majorly to the smooth growth of our department. She has also provided support to other staff from various SBU units and helped them navigate smoothly through various challenges.

The CIV faculty and staff feel extremely privileged to be on the same team as Erin, and congratulate her for this well deserved award.


Here are some of the things that the SBU community has to say about Erin:

“It is clear that Erin is a big part of our department and that she does the job of two or three people. Yet, what makes her so special is her devotion and dedication to our department. For Erin, it is not just a job. She is committed to the mission of building our department, the youngest in the College.”    - Rigoberto Burgueño, Department Chair, Civil Engineering

“Erin has the formal job description of several paragraphs, and the informal responsibility list that comprises eight words: Everything at CIV, short of research and teaching.”   - Anil Yazici, Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering

“When I compare Ms. Giuliano's work quality and work-style with a broad cross-section of university employees, I am impressed with her intelligence, exemplary organizational skills, attention to detail and unflagging enthusiasm for the university.”   - Nancy Lannak, Advisor to International Faculty & Scholars, VISA and Immigration Services

“No one does a better job at encouraging students to start on the path of an advanced degree in Civil Engineering than Erin. She is always striving to increase her knowledge and she reaches out to facilitate discussions on best practices and ideas on how others are dealing with new issues. She thinks things through and examines aspects of ideas and is ready to discuss these ideas without hesitation.”   - Susan Nastro, Assistant to the Chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering

“Erin is more than a department administrator, she gets to know the students within the Civil department and genuinely cares about their goals and achievements.”   - Stephan Ungar, Undergraduate and graduate student, Civil Engineering

“To me, Erin embodies the SBU slogan of 'Far beyond' as she not only performs excellently at her job but goes far beyond to assist students.”   - Kaushik Londhe, Graduate student, Civil Engineering

“I believe that Erin's contributions to the impressive growth of the civil engineering graduate program are as significant as the faculty contributions, if not even more, in the sense that she is keenly doing this as a courtesy service to the department beyond her position description.”   - Sherif Abdelaziz, Former faculty member, Civil Engineering