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Avery Mack Presents Her Research at the 2019 Scientista Symposium in Boston




Avery Mack presented her electric vehicle research in the 2019 Scientista Symposium in Boston (March 29-31, 2019). Avery was able to travel and present her research through an SBU URECA travel grant.

After the symposium, Avery said that, "over 100 undergraduate and graduate students presented their work from universities all over the country and I was able to learn about research in other STEM fields and share my own. In addition, there were many lectures and workshops focused on the advancement of women in research. I am so grateful for the opportunity to complete the PSEG Explorations in STEM summer program and continuing research in the transportation lab throughout this academic year. These opportunities have opened so many doors for me."

Avery joined Dr. Hajibabai's research group to conduct a series of studies on sustainable infrastructure in the emerging area of electric vehicle operations and management with the underlying infrastructure design. She has focused on the electric vehicle infrastructure design and scheduling topic since Summer 2018. Her research started with collecting data on candidate electric vehicle park-and-charge areas and existing charging infrastructure types, costs, and electricity pricing schemes. In collaboration with graduate students in Dr. Hajibabai's research group, Avery analyzed the sensitivity of their developed logistics models (for infrastructure design and management of charging facilities) to different factors and generated various scenarios to assess the trade-offs observed in the problem.