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Our Commitment to Democracy

According to the National Student of Learning, Voting, and Engagement (NSLVE) from the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service at Tufts University:

  • Our students voted in the November 2012 Presidential Election at a rate of 43.2 percent, which was 3.7 points lower than all colleges and universities nationwide.
  • Our students voted in the November 2014 Midterm Election at a rate of 12.7 percent, which was 6.1 points lower than all colleges and universities nationwide.

Since then, Stony Brook University has transformed its commitment to democratic engagement for all students. In 2015, we established our partnership with The Andrew Goodman Foundation and its Vote Everywhere program. This partnership has been nationally recognized for its impact on student democratic engagement. Highlights include:

  • Registered over 15,000 students to vote since June 2015
  • Increased student voter turnout by 23% from 2012 to 2016
  • Achieved a voter turnout rate of 86% at our on-campus polling site in 2016, which was the highest of any polling site nationwide
  • Institutionalized voter registration to ensure that all students can register to vote before their first day of classes
  • Introduced over $10,000 in scholarships for students committed to advancing student civic and democratic engagement work

Our Commitment to Democracy is an action plan developed by the Center for Civic Justice to outline the University's short and long term commitment to student democratic engagement. Our commitment is collaborative, and it will require support from the entire community as we move forward, together.

We look forward to working with students, faculty and staff members, administrators, and other community members to establish Stony Brook University as a leader of democratic engagement on Long Island, and a national leader in higher education.

CLICK HERE to access Our Commitment to Democracy.