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The Center for Civic Justice offers two different types of opportunities for students who are interested in developing and refining the skills necessary to be change agents in their community: Internships and Volunteer. We are looking for individuals who are committed to the Mission & Vision of the Center for Civic Justice. Unless outlined in the opportunity description, no previous experience is required.


Internship Program for Spring 2021


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At the Center for Civic Justice, we are committed to empowering students with the tools and skills to create positive change in their communities. Our Undergraduate Student Internship Program offers students an opportunity to develop a set of personal and professional competencies that will contribute to their ability to be positive change agents. Through supporting meaningful and impactful projects that address community issues and engaging with their peers at events and other initiatives, participating student interns are able to apply the tools and skills learned and intentionally reflect upon their experiences. Participating student interns who demonstrate strong leadership abilities and potential may be invited to take on greater leadership roles and responsibilities at the Center.

This position is responsible for:

    • Supporting the overall operations of the Center for Civic Justice during regular business hours and, occasionally, outside regular business hours when the Center needs it
      • Set weekly schedule (4 hours per week)
    • Supporting the development and, ideally, implementation of one or more substantial projects focused on advancing the strategic priorities of the Center and the community’s needs
    • Participating in weekly Project/Team meetings (Wednesdays, 1pm to 2:20pm)
    • Participating in monthly one-on-one meetings with supervisor
    • Supporting events and other initiatives hosted by the Center
    • Participating in all of the Center’s evaluation and assessment practices
    • Satisfactorily completing all of the EXT course academic requirements
    • Proudly and appropriately representing the Center on and off campus

Additional responsibilities will be detailed as necessary and appropriate within the scope of the position. This position requires a commitment of 6 hours per week.

Participating student interns will enroll in a 0 or 1-credit course as part of the program. Enrolling in a 1-credit course requires approval from the Center’s Coordinator. The course that will be enrolled is either EXT 288 (U1 or U2) or EXT 488 (U3 or U4). Additional direction and support for EXT course academic requirements will be provided. This position does not include monetary compensation.

We are looking for undergraduate students with the following qualities:

    • Genuine interest in developing the tools and skills to empower others to create positive change
    • Demonstrated organizational and administrative skills
    • Demonstrated leadership abilities and potential to support project-based work
    • Strong ability to communicate with internal and external visitors
    • Strong ability to use Google Apps for Education (Mail, Drive, Calendar) and Zoom
    • Committed to pursuing equitable, inclusive, and justice-driven objectives

Participating student interns will need to maintain a cumulative and semester Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.5 (“good academic standing”), and maintain good judicial standing with Stony Brook University.

This position is for Spring 2021, from February 1, 2021 through May 7, 2021.

Opportunities to continue in future semesters with this position is contingent upon availability, previous and current performance, and potential for success moving forward.

Unless otherwise indicated, this position will be located on Stony Brook University’s West Campus at the Center for Civic Justice and will require responsibilities to be conducted on site (in-person).

Interested applicants should submit a completed application, which includes an updated resume. CLICK HERE to start your application.

The deadline for completed applications is Sunday, January 24, 2021.

Questions about this position can be directed to Steven Adelson, Coordinator of the Center for Civic Justice at or


Volunteer Opportunities for Spring 2021


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