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Community Dialogues



Community Dialogues are opportunities for students, faculty, staff and other community members to come together to develop a comprehensive and better informed understanding of our nation's most pervasive issues.

During a Community Dialogue that is facilitated by trained community members, participants will:

  • Discuss three different options through which an issue can be addressed;
  • Consider the benefits, drawbacks and trade-offs for each of the three different options; and
  • Create public consensus and prioritize the different options based on community needs.

Community members are asked to think critically about issues affecting their communities and the different perspectives and perceptions that exist within a single community about any given issue. Our Knowledge Communities are an opportunity for community members to continue the dialogue and to seek to create positive change related to an issue.


Upcoming Community Dialogues

Coming soon!


Past Community Dialogues

Fall 2020
  • September 16: Community Dialogue on the Right to Vote
  • November 4: Community Dialogue: We Voted, Now What?
Spring 2020
  • February 19: Community Dialogue on Literacy and Fake News
Fall 2019
  • September 23: Community Dialogue on Incarceration in the United States
  • December 3: Community Dialogue on LGBTQ* Inclusion and Legal Protections
Spring 2019
  • February 25: Community Dialogue on A Divided Government
  • April 3: Community Dialogue on the State of Healthcare
Fall 2018
  • September 17: Community Dialogue on Freedom of Speech
  • October 24: Community Dialogue on the #MeToo Movement
Spring 2018
  • February 21: Community Dialogue on How to Fix a Political System
  • April 2: Community Dialogue on Mass Shootings and Gun Violence
Fall 2017
  • September 18: Community Dialogue on Immigration in America
  • November 8: Community Dialogue on Safety and Justice