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Strategic Priorities

In alignment with its Mission and Vision, the Center for Civic Justice has established a series of strategic priorities that it will seek to accomplish:


Cultivate (C)

... individuals who have the potential to be active and engaged in the issues affecting their communities.

  1. Create, facilitate and moderate spaces for large-scale Community Dialogues about issues affecting the community
  2. Support student-led Knowledge Communities that foster new and ongoing dialogue and action development
  3. Coordinate efforts to reduce barriers to civic participation through the fundamental right to vote


Develop (D)

... them to possess the tools and skills necessary to appropriately engage others in these issues.

  1. Create and facilitate a Civic Justice curriculum, which includes a capstone project and community service
  2. Coordinate personal and professional development opportunities led by prominent civic justice leaders
  3. Produce more well-informed voters through increased and enhanced educational experiences


Empower (E)

... them to take appropriate individual and collective actions to create a more civically just society.

  1. Enable access to resources and opportunities to develop and foster innovative and actionable efforts
  2. Create and support internships and cooperative education that focus on affecting change in the community
  3. Establish service-learning and community engagement as a cornerstone of the student experience