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Smart Energy Systems Lab

Our Mission

Smart Energy Systems LabWe aim to provide key technologies that enable our energy sector to achieve long term sustainability, reliability and affordability goals. Our lab develops a) real-time computation tools for comprehensive monitoring and reliable operation of power systems, and b) efficient market and pricing mechanisms for massive grid integration of renewable energies and other distributed energy resources (DERs), e.g., electric vehicles (EVs). As such, we provide new capabilities for the Independent System Operators (ISO) and electric utilities to achieve a) orders of magnitude of enhancement of grid reliability and security against system contingencies, and b) decentralized and incentive compatible operation of clean and flexible energy resources at very large scales. 

Our Capabilities

Our lab has developed a suite of novel machine-learning-based tools for key power system applications, including a) real-time system component outage and fault detection and identification, b) online voltage stability analysis, c) online transient stability analysis, and d) network congestion and electricity market equilibrium prediction. 

Our lab has developed real-time control algorithms for ensuring power system stability under sudden loss of generation and resilience against cascading failures. 

Our lab has also developed practical market and pricing mechanisms that enable, with provable performance guarantees, efficient and massive integration of renewable energies, demand response, and other DERs into both power transmission and distribution systems. 

Recent Projects

“Grid Ready Energy Analytics Training with Data”, Department of Energy. 

“Data-Driven Distribution Grid Stability Analysis and Design with High Renewable Penetration”, SBU-BNL SEED Grant.