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Faculty Mentors

You may view full research project descriptions (where available) in the online application. Also, please note that the following list of REU Nanotechnology faculty mentors and research projects may be subject to change.

Participating Mentor and Department

Nature of Research Activity

Gary Halada   Materials Science and Chemical Engineering

Localized Pulsed Electrodeposition - 3D printing using Electrochemistry.  Project Focus: Energy and environmental applications of nanotechnology

Jason Trelewicz  and  Gary Halada  Materials Science and Chemical Engineering

Impact of print-formed micro to nanoscale structures on corrosion of 3D printed stainless steel.  Project Focus: Energy and environmental applications of nanotechnology

Esther Takeuchi, Ken Takeuchi and Amy Marschilok ​ Departments of Chemistry and Materials Science and Chemical Engineering

Research in materials science, engineering, and green chemistry through analysis of data on electrochemical energy storage systems;  This may include x-ray spectroscopy, x-ray diffraction, and electrochemistry to probe how materials in batteries evolve during use and under storage. Project Focus:  Energy applications of nanotechnology

Taejin Kim and  Gary Halada – ​  Materials Science and Chemical Engineering

Development of nanoscale catalytic materials for hydrocarbon reactiosn and recycling.  Project Focus:  Energy and environmental applications of nanotechnology

M. Ete Chan ​ Biomedical Engineering

Design and develop a biotechnology device prototype that induces mechanotransduction in nano-level to accelerate biological cell expansion needed for immunotherapy to treat cancer. Through this project, the participant will have the opportunity to learn more about not only sterile cell culture process and immunotherapy but also the prototyping process using 3D modeling, micro-controller and/or circuit design. Applicants with relevant experience are highly preferred, but not a must.  Project Focus:  Health applications of nanotechnology

Wei Yin    Biomedical Engineering

Simulation work in biomedical engineering.  Project Focus:  Health applications of nanotechnology 

Miriam Rafailovich and Michael Cuiffo – Materials Science and Chemical Engineering

COVID-related research involving simulation of the activity of viruses under various conditions, followed by testing with a COVID-analog to optimize the resulting model. The REU student will also assist in design of a COVID biosensor for point-of-care application with results obtained on a cell phone.  A student is also invited to participate in the development of nanocomposite 3D printing materials for enhanced fire resistance and enhanced electrical conductivity.  Project Focus:  Health applications of nanotechnology

Nav Nidhi Rajput – Materials Science and Chemical Engineering

This project would entail working on developing the high-throughput infrastructure for computer simulations. This would involve coding in Python to automate the calculations and building databases of atomistic properties in MongoDB.  Project Focus: Computational  applications of nanotechnology

Thomas Woodson  – Technology and Society

Nanotechnology allows scientists and engineers to create a variety of advanced materials that are revolutionizing fields such as healthcare, energy, and computing. However, how will nanotechnology harm or benefit marginalized communities around the world? This summer we will evaluate the impacts of nanotechnology on marginalized communities by analyzing publication data and creating agent based models.  Project Focus: Societal  impact(s) of nanotechnology