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  Coray McBean

Coray L. McBean

PhD candidate in the Department of Chemistry

'Synthesis and Characterization of High Aspect Ratio LaNiO 3  with Demonstration of Viability for Oxygen Evolution '

Synopsis: Extracting hydrogen and oxygen from water has traditionally been more efficient with nano-scaled precious metal-based catalysts. Removing the precious metal component while maintaining reasonable performance could financially facilitate large-scale implementation of devices such as energy-dense lithium air batteries and hydrogen-producing water splitting devices. Presented, is the synthesis of precious metal-free (lanthanum nickel oxide, LaNiO 3) particles whose size lay within the  nano length-scale. Catalytic hydrogen and oxygen extraction activity of the presented particles is demonstrated and compared with commercially available precious metal-based (ruthenium, Ru) nanoparticles.

Biography: Coray L. McBean is a fifth-year PhD candidate from the Department of Chemistry. Before starting his PhD career at Stony Brook University, he graduated with a BS in Chemistry in 2010 from the City University of New York, Brooklyn College, and then proceeded to work in industry as a chemist for two years. His research is themed on the novel synthesis of nano-scaled inorganic particles, mainly for energy-related applications.

Monday, April 24, 2017 at 12:30 PM

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