Keeping It Real

with Dr. Sheri Clark

The “Keeping It Real” series is the Center for Inclusive Education’s forum where students have candid conversations about non-academic issues that impact their lives. Being able to discuss these issues with fellow graduate students in an informal, small group setting fosters social support and provides insight into different ways to deal with these issues.

Past topics have included:

  • Brains Don't Thrive Under Fluorescent Light: Balancing Grad School and a Social Life
  • Family and Cultural Pressures
  • Effectively Managing a Limited Budget While in Graduate School
  • Starting and Maintaining Relationships in Grad School
  • Maintaining a Sense of Spirituality While Pursuing Academic Endeavors
  • Learning to Better Manage Your Time
  • Financial Fitness
  • Family and Cultural Pressures: Conversations about Graduate School
  • Academic Code Switching: Shifting Between Academic & Cultural Identities

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