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Academic Support

Study Networks 
Academic services in the form of tutoring, structured study groups, and summer workshops. 
Please contact our office for more information.

Summer Bridge Program 
Opportunity for CIE first year graduate students to start research activities the summer previous to the academic year start.

Summer Research Grants 
Summer funding to be used to conduct exploratory or continuing research towards the thesis/dissertation during the summer months. There is a competitive application process that takes place in the spring of each year from which approximately 10 research grants are awarded.

Dissertation Awards 
Opportunity to provide support and encourage highly qualified underrepresented students in the preparation of their dissertation.  

Laptop Lending Program 
Laptop lending for the specific purpose of providing eligible CIE students with up-to-date computer technology required for course, research and dissertation-related work. 

Book Stipends 
Financial support to reimburse CIE eligible students for a portion of the costs associated with their purchase of course or project-related books, supplies, software, etc.

  • All enrolled "CIE-eligible" graduate students (doctoral and master´s) may apply for reimbursement of the costs of course or project-related books, supplies, software, etc., up to a maximum of $150 per semester (fall and spring only), however 1st and 2nd year PhD students may request up to $300 per semester (fall and spring only) with a copy of their course syllabus. Books and other study/project items must be related to the students´ major area of study.
  • Original receipts for allowed items, must be brought (not mailed) to the CIE Office, E1340 Melville Library.
  • Students must have an AGEP Registration form on file with the AGEP office

Research Café series 
Our goal is to bridge academic connections and communications by providing a platform for CIE students to present their research outside of their department to a broader audience, which promotes cross discipline knowledge and collaborations. Research Cafes are held monthly and are moderated by a CIE Postdoctoral member. The duration of the event does not exceed 30 minutes to ensure that interested but busy individuals can still accommodate it into their schedules

Student Advisement 
CIE leadership provide student advisement to CIE students focus on (1) an appreciation for the diversity they bring to the campus and the potential they have to transform historical trends of underrepresentation (2) an understanding of graduate school hardships, particularly issues facing minority students (3) empowerment to deal with the isolation associated with the low minority representation in their department or field (4) a deep commitment to the completion of their degree and successful transition into the professional ranks, (5) general academic guidance and professional development, (6) negotiation and advocacy when necessary.

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