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IRACDA NY-CAPS Research Mentors Sarah with Mentor

Applied Mathematics and Statistics

  1. Tom MacCarthy: Computational Immunology: modeling somatic hypermutation in Immunoglobulin genes &Evolutionary Systems Biology: modeling the evolution of gene regulatory networks.

  Biochemistry & Structural Biology

  1. Vitaly Citovsky: Genetic transformation of plant cells by Agrobacterium, intercellular transport of plant viruses/ plant cell proteins, remodeling of plant chromatin by histone modifications.

  2. John Peter Gergen: Regulation of gene expression during Drosophila development.

  3. Robert Haltiwanger: Role of protein glycosylation in signal transduction & quality control.
  4. Nancy Hollingsworth: Chromosome behavior during meiosis.
  5. Wali Karzai: Post-transcriptional gene regulatory processes in prokaryotes.
  6. Huilin Li: Structural biology of macromolecular assemblies.
  7. Erwin London: Membrane protein structure & structure function of lipid membrane domains.
  8. Aaron Neiman: Vesicle trafficking, membrane fusion, cytokinesis, signal transduction, & extracellular matrix assembly.
  9. Steven Smith: Structure & function of membrane proteins .

  10. Gerald Thomsen: Mechanisms of cell fate determination & embryonic development.

  1. Elizabeth Boon: Bacterial biofilms
  2. Isaac Carrico: Chemical biology/protein engineering
  3. Kenneth J. Takeuchi: Inorganic materials, implantable cardiac defibrillators (ICD) battery improvement.
  4. Iwao Ojima: Drug design & discovery (anticancer agents, antibacterial agents, enzyme inhibitors), medicinal chemistry & chemical biology, catalytic asymmetric synthesis, organic synthesis by means of organometallic reagents & catalysts, homogeneous catalysis & organometallic chemistry, peptide & peptidomimetics, beta-lactam chemistry, & organofluorine chemistry (fluoroamino acids & peptides, medicinal applications).

  5. Nicole Sampson: Relation between protein structure & function & synthesis of chemical tools to probe & control biological function.

Ecology & Evolution
  1. Haluk Akcakaya: Applied ecology & conservation biology.
  2. Liliana M. Dávalos: Phylogenetics, molecular evolution, tropical deforestation
  3. Walter Eanes: Molecular evolution, phylogenetic analysis, & population genetics.

  4. Catherine Graham: Biogeography, conservation biology, & ecology.

  5. Jessica Gurevitch: Biological invasions, plant population & community ecology, meta-analysis & ecological statistics.

  6. Brenna Henn: Genetic and phenotypic diversity, evolutionary genomics.
  7. Dianna Padilla: Aquatic ecology, applied ecology, conservation biology, marine ecology.

  8. Joshua Rest: Evolutionary genomics & gene regulation.
  9. Krishna R. VeeramahPrimate Comparative Genomics; Genetic Basis of Epilepsy
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