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Fellowship Schedule

NY-CAPS Fellowship periods are funded for up to 3 years, and start on or after May 1.  Each Scholar Cohort is selected from applications submitted by the published Winter deadline.  Active recruitment and publication of the deadline take place in the Autumn.

NY-CAPS Scholar Application Cycle



  • Potential Scholar
  • Inquiries Welcomed


  • Active Recruiting of Scholar Candidates
  • Application Deadline Published 


  • Application Deadline
  • Candidate Review


  • Candidate Interviews
  • Fellowship Offers

Starting May 1

  • New Scholars begin NY-CAPS program    
  • Fellowship extends up to 3 years


The Application Period for the NY-CAPS Scholar Cohort entering in May 2017 is now open.

We welcome inquiries for the following NY-CAPS Scholar Cohort entering in May 2017 for the fellowship period of May 1, 2017 through April 30, 2020.  Please feel free to contact us now!

For details of the Application process, see How to Apply.



  • Proof of doctoral degree conferral
  • Proof of U.S. Citizenship or US Permanent Resident Status
  • Priority consideration will be given to recent Ph.D. recipients


Salary and Benefits

NY-CAPS Postdoctoral Scholars receive salary and annual increases in accordance with NIH guidelines.  As Stony Brook University employees of the Research Foundation for SUNY, NY-CAPS Scholars are eligible for medical, retirement and other benefits.  For more details, please visit the SBU Human Resources website's Research Foundation Employees section.


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